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Lex Consilium aims first and foremost to deliver high quality practical legal advice in a cost-effective, efficient and timely manner, according to our client’s specific requirements, covering the following areas:

  • Litigation, covering and civil commercial claims, as well as fraud and misappropriation.
  • Tax planning, including the requirements and liabilities under the Spanish system, and annual income tax summaries.
  • Tax relief on UK Pensions
  • Wills and the Inheritance process
  • Disputed claims against banks, insurance companies, municipalities or individuals
  • Town hall planning
  • Buying, selling, letting or renting a property

We provide a written quote for the cost of any action, thereby avoiding unknown costs for our clients.


Lex Consilium is firmly focused on providing a comprehensive service to both companies (S.L or S.A), and self-employed (individuals or C.B) and covering the whole spectrum of their requirements in the following areas:


  • Taxes: Corporation tax, Income tax, VAT or quarterly retentions, submitting all necessary quarterly and annual tax returns.
  • Accounts: keeping accurate and precise accounts, essential for both companies and self-employed.
  • Social security, on-going liabilities, including employees, if applicable
  • Employment: work contracts, payslips, current employment regulations
  • Legal: All legal requirements for the business, whether regulated by town hall (licenses), regional or national authorities are covered. Comprehensive advice and assistance given on all contracts required for purchase or sale of businesses, rent of premises, debt collection procedures, contracts with clients and suppliers, etc..

The team at Lex Consilium aims above all to provide high quality practical legal advice in a timely and cost effective manner.

We do not restrict our service to producing filled tax returns for our clients, and maintain frequent and consistent contact to establish their on-going needs.

We provide periodical ‘financial-health-check’ meetings to analyse the progress of the business and accounts, advising on the tax implications and, when appropriate, the need for change in strategy or control of costs or investments.

In summary, we are not administrative form fillers, but Legal and business advisers providing our clients with the best possible service with their taxes, accounts and on-going legal liabilities.

Video conference and meeting room

Lex Consilium offers to corporate clients the opportunity to use its Valencia office to meet with clients and suppliers. At 15 minutes from Valencia airport and just opposite the train station, in the heart of the commercial centre, it is the perfect location and environment for a business meeting, offering the possibility to do video-conferences in the meeting room, equipped with the latest technology.

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