Lex Consilium offer valuable seminars on a regular basis that extend our specialist knowledge and expertise to all potential private and business investors in Spain.

British and Dutch business investors will find these forums particularly useful as the Spanish regulations, accounts, labour and Tax systems have specialities which differ greatly from other European systems.

As many businesses that are overseen entrepreneurs leave key points of their business in external hands, this often results in the tax advisers simply providing a number of tax returns and completed Social Security forms without giving proper advice, further explanation or recommendations.

Only with accurate and comprehensive advice in these fields, will businesses be in a position to survive and more importantly grow in this climate, thereby staying ahead of their competitors.

Lex Consilium organises Seminars on a regular basis, not only to cover all these areas but also topical issues, and they are open to all who have a practical or investment interest in Spain.

We also organise seminars addressed to individuals, informing of personal, tax and legal liabilities.